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This defensive driving programme consists of three parts.

  • Theory (2 hours)
  • On-road training (1 hour)
  • On-road test (1 hour)

This is a group training session highlighting the modus operandi of hijackers and what can be done to minimise the risk of being hijacked.

  • Duration, 1 hour.

This is a group training session highlighting the risks motorists face on the roads in South Africa where you are 11 times more likely to die than travelling on the roads in the USA. Also highlighted are the facts regarding EuroNcap testing of vehicles, which is an eye opener!

  • Duration, 1 hour.

Before handing the keys of an expensive asset to an unknown driver, have them assessed. The assessment takes an hour and a two-page report is issued after completion.


When the one-year or two-year certificate expire, a re-test is available, especially for those taking advantage of insurance discounts. The re-test takes an hour.


A similar programme to the Defensive Driving Course is available for the drivers of heavy-duty vehicles. The programme just takes longer for the on-road modules. Cost of the training is calculated after a needs analysis has been conducted.