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In South Africa, you are 11 times more likely to die on the roads compared to The USA. Dave Johnston is a specialist in the field of Defensive Driver Training and has launched many Driver Training facilities including BMW Driver Training, MasterDrive as well as AA Driver Training. Dave has had extensive experience in the training of motorcycle riders, light and heavy-duty vehicle drivers.

Dave invites readers to log onto the website www.advanceddriver.co.za and register for the FREE DRIVER BRIEF NEWSLETTER which is full of Defensive Driving information and tips. The sad thing says Dave, is that all of this information should have been given to all drivers at license level and then the majority of crashes would not happen on our roads. He calls the training "The what you should have been taught in the first place course".

Defensive Driving is a huge subject and it is just like life, there is always something new to learn. Ideally, drivers should attend the Defensive Driver Course when they acquire their driver's license but every driver should attend to minimise the risk of becoming a statistic, no matter how long you have been driving without incident.

Further information may be obtained from the abovementioned website or contact Dave direct on 083 226 6781.